IceCarousel Module

Would you like to display your content in a nice and scrolling way and at the same time increase the usability of your website?

Check out our brand new IceCarousel. A jQuery based module perfect for sites with a lot of content. It can be used for portfolio images, featured content, sales, promotions and other great stuff. IceCarousel offers unlimited amount of items to display, it gives you the option to easily change the speed of the slideshow or whether to display arrows for your slides.

It will be a “walk in the park” to configure while you can edit the width and height of the images from the module parameters. It is ready for J2.5 & J3.0 and of course responsive for both versions which will display it beautifully in any kind of screen resolutions.

Enhance the functionality of your content slider, get this great module for free and start creating beautiful carousels in no time.

Update: New style available, make sure you check the Moderna theme from the module parameters.


Live Examples

Checkout the websites below which are succusefully using this Joomla 3.0 extension